Business Research

May 2021 - May 2022

""Feed the Saints"" - On Campus Dining Preferences of Gen Z Students
Lauren Kovach

Every college and university needs to feed its students and ensure that its dining services are catering to the students’ needs and preferences. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the consumer behavior process associated with dining has been transformed and a range of new trends has emerged, including curbside pick-up, home delivery, online/app orders, and sustainable packaging. With such accelerated change related to what students eat, how they order, obtain, and pay for food, it is crucial for Aquinas College to stay abreast of current trends and preferences related to Generation Z, the current generational cohort on campus. For this Summer Scholar 2021 project, Lauren Kovach (a junior at Aquinas College) and Kerri Orders (Assistant Professor, Business Department), will focus their research activities to gain insights about Gen Z’s consumer behavior and shifting preferences related to dining services at Aquinas College. A range of research methods will be used, including qualitative interviews with students, data collection through student surveys and polls, and a demographic report of Generation Z, using the “Demographics Now” consumer insight tool.

Faculty Advisor: Kerri Orders
Funded by: Aquinas College Summer Scholars Program

May 2018 - May 2019

Developing Intercultural Competence Skills to Aid German-American Business Relationships
Lilia Thomas

Designed as an interdisciplinary project that connects three academic disciplines - German Studies, International Business, and Communication Studies - this research provides answers to the following question: What specific intercultural skills do individuals need to develop to become effective communicators in an international work or business environment? Along with real-life examples of how to effectively apply IC skills for the creation and maintenance of effective business relationships between global partners (specifically between German and American businesses).

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Häusler-Gross

May 2017 - May 2018

Sport in the GDR: A Structural Analysis of the Communist Development Program. Lessons Beyond Doping.
Paul Sommerville

The German Democratic Republic, or East Germany, was able to build a world-class, state-endorsed sport program with minimal resources and a limited population. This research examines the financial and administrative structure of East German sport. The goal is to identify aspects from the system, such as advancements in sport science and coaching education programs, that could positively influence intercollegiate athletics today.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Susan Hojnacki