Share your life changes, job updates, and accomplishments with us so we can celebrate with you!

Suggested class notes submissions include:

alumni holding test tube

  • Promotions
    • May include: title, name of company, description of position, location, previous position
  • Birth announcement
    • Must include: full name of child, day/month/year born. If listing other children, must list full names and ages.
  • Wedding announcement
    • Must include: day/month/year married and spouse's first and last name
  • Published an article, paper, book, etc.
    • Must include: title of book, co-authors if there are any, preferably a URL to the book or publisher online (for verification)
    • May include: date of publishing, publisher name, date published, other books
  • Featured/listed in a publication
    • Must include: Full name of magazine, publication date, name of issue if it's a special issue and/or name of article.
  • Become a member of a committee or organization
    • Must include: full name of the organization and the person's title (if applicable)
  • Retirement notice
    • Must include: company name and date retired
  • Received an honor, grant, medal, etc.
    • Must include full name of organization it came from, date given, if the person was the only recipient or one of a number
  • Received a degree
    • Must include: date, name of school, name of degree
  • In memoriam
    • Must include: full name, date of death, location
    • May include: surviving family members who are alumni of the college, groups they participated in while in college. 

We reserve the right to edit class notes per our editorial style. 

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