Deceased Alumni and their family members, benefactors and friends of the Aquinas Community are remembered in prayer at our monthly Memorial Mass. Their names will be read at the beginning of Mass. For more information, please email Sister Mary Ann Barret, O.P. '66 at

Memorial Gifts

Giving a gift to Aquinas College is a meaningful way to honor and memorialize the life of a special person. For further information, contact Kate Davis at

Prayer Requests

The Dominican pillar of Prayer invites us to support one another in our spiritual lives. All of us are sustained by companions on this journey. 

If there is a blessing we can celebrate, a burden we can help you carry or a concern we can gently hold with you, please fill in the form on our website or send it in care of Sr. Mary Ann Barrett, O.P. '66 at Your intention will be placed in our Prayer Request Book in Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel.