The following defines the level of service and appropriate service level agreement offered by the Information Technology and Services Department (ITS) in support of the AQNet network (including AQMedia and AQGuest networks) and Aquinas College computer labs. ITS will provide “best effort” services to facilitate access to Aquinas College network resources. This does not guarantee connectivity for every device.

Cooperative Computing

  • The Aquinas College network is shared amongst all authorized and approved guest users. 
  • It is the responsibility of the end user to properly configure their personal devices for the AQNet environment. This includes the required use of anti-virus software, as well as the installation of virus definition updates, pertinent security patches, and bug fixes (when applicable).
  • In accordance with the College's Acceptable Use Policy, computers and devices that adversely affect the Aquinas College network are subject to being disabled until the end user resolves the problem. 
  • ITS is not responsible for damages or misconfigurations that require further assistance from a source external to the College. 

AQNet and Aquinas College Computer Lab Services

  • Allows one to connect to the Internet through Aquinas College 's high-speed connections.
  • Allows access to all ITS services, currently including web-based e-mail, a personal calendar, integrated course software, and our very own student news portal.

Service Availability

  • All services provided by AQNet are scheduled to be available 24 hours a day, with the exception of a maintenance window of 3:00-5:00AM daily during which system maintenance may occur.
  • Occasionally, ITS may at its discretion have to schedule maintenance to occur outside of the daily maintenance window. During such times ITS will inform users of any planned unavailability of system services.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, there is no implied or expressed guarantee that AQNet services will always be operational. 

Staff Support and Response Time
The ITS Help Desk is here to assist network users throughout the day. Help Desk support for personal devices is limited to assistance with an AQNet connection. ITS is not able to provide hardware repair, software installation, virus removal, etc., for personal devices, and services should be sought from a source external to the College. Help Desk support for Aquinas lab computers is limited to questions related to standard software applications on the network (such as Windows 10, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Office) as time permits -- except when the learning of these standard software applications is a course requirement. Support requests are accepted via e-mail, phone, or walk-in and are often answered within one business day. In order to shorten response time, users should make every effort to arrange a time when they can commit to working with the ITS Help Desk. The amount of time until the resolution of a problem will vary greatly depending on its complexity. Users are expected to seek assistance from ITS when needed and to inform ITS when problems occur.